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Hi there! I'm Roseanna, the creator of The Enchanted Vegan. Here on my site I'm sharing my favorite vegan recipes with you with the hope of making vegan cooking more accessible and easy to learn for everyone! 

Easy vegan living with a hint of ✧ magick ✧

My Vegan Philosophy 

I decided to go vegan at the beginning of 2018. I'm only a few years into this lifestyle, but I have loved every minute of it! It has changed my entire philosophy on food, animals, myself, and our planet. 

Eating a vegan diet is not necessarily appropriate or accessible for everyone, so I'm a huge advocate in finding simple and easy swaps. Even swapping one meal a week is a-maze-ing! I'm all about showing people that vegan meals don't have to be complicated or expensive, and are super delicious! 

Anyone and everyone is free to try and enjoy the recipes found here on The Enchanted Vegan! Vegan and meat-eater approved, trust me (I'm the only vegan in my household!!)


Magick & Cooking With Intention

My vegan journey led me to Wicca. Although I've only been researching, incorporating, and practicing Wicca for a little over two years now, I have never felt more peace, joy, or clarity than I do now. Harming none and respecting all that this planet has provided for us is something that I believe in wholeheartedly. Part of the reason I decided to go vegan is because I no longer wanted pain and suffering to be at the core of my meals. Every day I choose to harm none.

I'm on more of an eclectic Wiccan path, but I love bringing magick to my cooking as often as I can, even if it's just a hint of magick! Learning about the power that herbs, veggies, and fruit hold, enchanting ingredients, and infusing my cooking with love, energy, and intention is my favorite thing!

Not every recipe here on The Enchanted Vegan will include subtle magick, but some will and are simply guides on how I choose to practice and bring some extra love into my cooking. Feel free to adjust or omit as you see fit! 

I can't wait to share my easy vegan recipes and magickal tips & tricks with you here on The Enchanted Vegan!

Stay well,


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