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Awakening Stagnant Intentions: Ostara Blessings and My Plans for Regrowth

Blessed Ostara everyone! The spring equinox has arrived once again, and my head and my heart are buzzing with new ideas and intentions for the warmer days that are on their way. I love the colder months, but there's something about seeing nature come to life again that fills my heart with so much joy and hope.

I do my best to live in tune with nature; bunkering down and reflecting during the fall and winter months, and igniting passions and planting seeds for my own personal growth as the Earth begins to bloom once spring comes around.


It's still pretty cold here in NYC, so I can't start actually planting seeds for herbs, veggies, flowers or fruit, so I focus my plans for growth inward and take this time to plan how I want to see myself blossom the rest of this year.

During Ostara last year, I remember setting an intention for emotional growth and setting the groundwork to bloom into who I'm meant to be. For me, intention setting and magick during the sabbats are a way for me to mark a start in the right direction. Manifestation and intention setting work when you truly believe that the outcome is yours and you put in the work for your desired outcome.

2020 was a hard year, and I changed so much... for the better. I'm still in my early twenties, but for most of my life I've felt like an old soul. Super cliché, but it's always made me feel like I've had to act older than I was, always trying to fit in with the adults. I never wanted to sit at the kids table. I spent a lot of time not being true to myself.

Ostara 2020 was around the same time the Covid-19 pandemic threw a wrench in all of our lives. Finding the will to stay motivated was really hard. So once Ostara came around, I felt a pull towards setting an intention for emotional and personal growth. As the world slowed down, so did I. Since then, I have seen myself change into someone who I never thought I'd be. I experienced so much growth in 2020, and I finally feel like I'm becoming who I'm meant to be. I feel more secure in my ability to express myself without fear of judgement from others. I've discovered new things that make me feel happy and whole, and it's a feeling I haven't felt in a really long time.

And so, for Ostara this year I'm reigniting that intention to continue working on become the highest version of myself.


I subscribed to the Tamed Wild monthly box around this time last year, and each month I receive witchy items and rituals to add to my arsenal. One of my favorite boxes and most meaningful rituals I did was from their Ostara box last year. I received a beautiful agate egg (that I now keep on my altar) to symbolize the fertility of the season and bringing things to fruition.

I won't share every detail of how I use the agate egg in my Ostara magick, but I use the crystal as a representation of myself, cleansing away the stagnant energy of the reflective months, and then charging it with the intentions I wish to set for myself for the rest of this year. I keep the crystal on my altar year round as a reminder for myself to keep moving in the right direction.


And what would the start of spring be without a little spring cleaning? I do my best to stay on top of keeping my space clean, but I'll admit sometimes I'll put off deep cleaning. In the spirit of new beginnings, I push myself to clean all the knick knacks on my bookshelves and random things under my bed.

One of my favorite ways to finish cleaning a space is to light some cleansing incense or sage, focusing on heavy traffic areas, corners, doorways and windows. Once I'm done I'll go back over those areas with a protecting incense (dragons blood is my personal fave) or a bundle of cedar. Smoke cleansing/protecting is such a meditative practice for me and one of my favorite ways to create a calm and welcoming energy in my space.


I brought my Ostara to a close by baking a hearty loaf of bread full of herbs like rosemary, basil, and oregano. The whole reason I started The Enchanted Vegan is because cooking brings me the most happiness. It's one of my most used love languages and is another way I practice mindfulness and meditation.

Sometimes finding the time to create in the kitchen can be hard, but I urge you to find those moments, even if it's watching the way milk swirls in your coffee.

There's beauty in everything. You don't have to search that hard to find it. I hope this Ostara brings new blessings and new beginnings into your lives.

☆ Roseanna ☆


* I am not sponsored nor am I affiliated with Tamed Wild. (I just really love their subscription box!)

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